As a business travel agent you’re used to the demands of business travellers and corporate travel managers.

But fragmented systems, time consuming processes and a lack of automation when it comes to transaction fees and pricing can stop you offering the high level of service that’s required for the business travel sector. So talk to the team at Sycamore I.T.

We have business travel software solutions specifically for business travel agents that enables you to offer an improved and seamless service to your customers. 

In addition to specific technical requirements to meet, travel websites and applications should have a user friendly interface and a number of features to attract demanding users and experienced web surfers.

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Travel Requisition System (TRS) is a travel process driven solution fully based on a graphical interface.
All the steps involved, from the original demand, authorization, approval, ticketing, reissue, etc. are displayed to the travel booker in a modern user interface.

The travel consultant manages the original request, modifications, and ticketing directly within the GDS interface. All time consuming tasks like creating the PNR, inserting accounting remarks, company, account and passenger profiles, to name a few, are handled by the application. Remarks and inserted data can be tailored to your business process.

An integrated messaging systems allows for a more flexible communication channel between the travel booker and the agent, simultaneously in the graphical and GDS interface.

The TRS handles the information flow between the user interface and the GDS automatically, in real time.

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Our Hotel Booking Engine integrates the best available tools and suppliers in the industry. The decision to use Google map API's, Point of Interests, multimedia and advanced functionalities in our application is only based on ROI and sales optimization. We think that using technology is not a gimmick, but only be used to improve your business.  

For example, by integrating into our hotel online travel booking software Kuoni, Albatravel, Expedia or Amadeus XML to name a few of the possible options, a travel agency can significantly extend the selection of travel offers and generate more competitive prices while increasing sales.

This application can be used as a standalone product or can also be integrated in our Travel Requisition System.